Useful Tools and Online Utilities

stack of recycleable magazines and newspapers

A goal for the EDF Innovation Exchange is to package things we've learned and the research we've done for easier reuse.  Many of the most directly reusable items we've got so far are listed under the "Tools" tab.  Here's a list:

4Cs of Climate Action – Four steps to prioritize climate action: conserve energy, convert to lower carbon energy, choose high quality offsets, call for action.

GEMI Water Sustainability Tool – Identify new market opportunities, mitigate risk, develop sustainable water strategies and create shareholder value.

Getting started – Five steps to understand your company's environmental opportunities and set goals for your organization.

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About the Innovation Exchange

Eco Friendly LightbulbFor 20 years, Environmental Defense Fund has partnered with businesses to achieve ambitious environmental goals. Our blend of science and economics challenges companies to become more efficient, create new business models and transform their industries through environmental innovation. Learn more about our approach.

Our vision for the Innovation Exchange is ambitious: to help companies of all shapes and sizes make green business the new business as usual. By providing access to valuable content, a suite of practical yet impactful tools and a dynamic online community of peers, we believe the Exchange can help you improve both your company and the planet.

Through our partnerships, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to create change within a company. Part of our mission is to take the best practices created from our work and make them available to you. Many of the tools and best practices on this site grew out of this work but now important developments are happening beyond our own projects. We're counting on you to help spread this wealth of innovation and turn knowledge into action.

We encourage you to ask questions, contribute ideas and take an active role in helping grow this important initiative.