Smart irrigation for landscaping and crops

This week 2,000+ scientists, policy makers, NGO leaders and corporate representatives convened in Stockholm for World Water Week, where they grappled with water scarcity, access and other thorny water issues.

But what should companies be doing about it—now? Just like with energy efficiency, there is much low-hanging fruit to be picked where water is concerned. Read more

The Power (Savings) of Focusing Fresh Eyes on Energy Efficiency

By Patricia Kenlon, a 2009 Climate Corps fellow and a Net Impact member, is pursuing a Master's of Business Administration degree at New York University.

I spent my summer with TXU Energy (TXUE) in Dallas, Texas, identifying ways to improve the energy efficiency of the company's two main office buildings.

TXUE is an electricity provider in Texas with over 2 million customers. It plans to invest $100 million to develop innovative energy efficiency products and services to help its customers save energy.

With so much in-house experience and expertise, I originally felt as if I were bringing coals to Newcastle. However, I was able to identify some great opportunities with the help of the TXUE team. Read more

How to Harvest Savings by Greening Leases

By Hunt Briggs, MBA/MS candidate, Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, University of Michigan, 2009 Climate Corps fellow at Biltmore Farms, Member of Net Impact

A few weeks ago I wrote about a growing trend among real estate owners  to create more energy efficient facilities. In a similar way, an increasing number of tenants are looking for ways to drive down operating costs where possible. For example, here at Biltmore Farms, we have a specific tenant in Biltmore Park that holds environmental stewardship as a core company value. As a property manager, what can we do to help and encourage tenants to exercise that shared principle?

Green leasing
is becoming more popular in real estate these days as building owners and tenants find themselves codependent when it comes to reducing consumption.
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Harnessing Market Power for the Environment

Here at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), we look for market based solutions to environmental problems. As the guy in charge of managing our partnership pipeline process, I’m constantly on the lookout for new win-win environmental and business solutions we can pioneer with companies. I’m often asked how we identify the companies that we partner with. And increasingly the word I use is LEVERAGE.

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Chief Sustainability Officers in Training…

As the second Geballe Fellow, I have the benefit of stepping into the Green Portfolio Project just as enthusiasm and momentum for our work with KKR and the private equity sector is beginning to take off. This spring, KKR announced that five additional portfolio companies would join the Project and I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and helping them to identify opportunities to increase business value while reducing environmental impact. Read more