Fleets Still Cutting Emissions and Costs

Jason Mathers is a Project Manager for our Corporate Partnerships Program where he works with today’s leading companies to identify, develop, and implement innovative environmental practices that make business sense.

Fuel is a major cost for fleets of all types and sizes. Typically, it’s second only to vehicle depreciation in the cost ranking. However, when gas prices head north of $3/gal fuel, it quickly becomes the #1 cost for most fleets.

Fuel use is the determining factor in the environmental footprint of any given fleet, accounting for 90% of a vehicle’s carbon footprint. So it should make sense that a great way for fleets to cut costs and reduce its environmental impact is to use less fuel.

Unfortunately, the misconception is that it is expensive for fleets to reduce their environmental footprint. EDF has been working with fleets and fleet management companies to help fleets reduce emissions and costs. So, we were very pleased to note that PHH Arval announced today that their comprehensive greenhouse gas management program, PHH GreenFleet, “averages 7% reduction in fleet operating costs and 14% reduction in emission.”

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