Roadmap to Corporate Greenhouse Gas Programs

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) programs and initiatives being advertised to companies these days? From the Global Reporting Initiative to EPA Energy Star to the US Climate Action Partnership and beyond, the sheer number of voluntary GHG programs can leave companies (and even EDF staff) feeling bewildered and unsure of where to start.

To help solve that problem, we’ve created a Roadmap to Corporate GHG Programs [PDF], a step-by-step guide to help companies develop a strategy for GHG emissions that can lead to credible and lasting reductions.

This short guide outlines the steps that we think companies should take to reduce their GHG emissions: measure and plan, set goals, achieve reductions, report and call for action. It also details the resources available to help companies in each of these areas. The Roadmap can help sustainability newbies and pros alike to refine and hone their GHG reduction programs, leading to credible and lasting emission reductions.

Perhaps most valuable of all are the Caution! sidebars that call out thorny issues that have tripped up other companies in the past. Examples of these thorny issues include skipping straight to flashy green solutions without having a substantive GHG reduction program in place, setting reduction goals that will be quickly overwhelmed by company growth and purchasing carbon offsets that have questionable credentials.

As is the case with any roadmap, the geography is constantly changing. New programs are popping up all of the time and old ones are being refined, so we need your help harnessing the power of these initiatives without getting overwhelmed by their growing numbers.

Please share your feedback on this Roadmap, and point us to other resources we may have overlooked:

  • Are there other national programs that we missed?
  • Do you have tips or guidance for companies with well established GHG management programs or those that are just starting out?

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