Best of the Quarter: Insights from EDF's Green Innovation for Business Experts

Welcome to the first of a series of quarterly roundups of tools and insights from our work at the intersection of business and the environment.  Please let us know what you think and what else you'd like to see!

New tool takes the guesswork out of choosing an emissions reduction program

Leading CEOs aren't waiting for climate legislation to implement sustainability initiatives. If you are feeling lost in the buzz around greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions check out this quarter's featured tool: A Roadmap to Corporate GHG Programs.

Why Walmart matters

In February, Walmart leaders announced an innovative approach to reducing carbon pollution from its supply chain, a project we've been working on for many years.  Read why Walmart's carbon commitment can make such a difference and Dominique Browning’s take on EDF’s work with Walmart and our roles as citizens and consumers.

Climate Corps efficiently sharing energy efficiency lessons

Interested in energy efficiency but don’t know where to start? Know a lot about energy efficiency and want to share what you know? We created an energy efficiency wiki to share knowledge and best practices.  Read more about what it is and how you can use it. There will be lots of new content coming this summer as 50(!)  Climate Corps fellows share their experiences finding energy efficiency opportunities at 46 host companies.

Improve operational performance using a green lens

If you’re looking for ways to improve operational performance or make more informed investment decisions, look no further than this suite of new tools. Developed as part of our initiative to make environmental management and innovation a standard best practice across the private equity sector, these tools can help a wide range of companies find environmental innovations that lead to bottom line benefits:

  • The operational performance tools developed in partnership with KKR helped three companies – U.S. Foodservice, Sealy and PRIMEDIA – capture $16 million in cost savings and avoid 25,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions in the first year
  • EcoValuScreen takes a new approach to conducting due diligence to discover new opportunities to improve operations and create value through environmental innovation prior to investment

Tools for fleet managers, CFOs and more

Vehicle fleets aren’t sexy, but they can have significant bottom line and environmental impacts.  This new video illustrates how small things make a big difference when it comes to fleet efficiency.   The video is just one of several tools available to fleet managers, including a new whitepaper designed to help reduce costs and emissions from medium-duty trucks.

We want to work with you

Check out ways to connect with EDF staff in-person and online to accelerate green innovation in business.

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