Solutions Labs 2010: Accelerating Green Innovation at Events Around the Country

Leading-edge businesses such as IBM, GE, KKR, Walmart and many others are tackling environmental sustainability head on. They are finding profit and spurring innovation by looking through the “green lens” of environmental sustainability. Both business and the environment need more of this thinking from more people in more organizations in more sectors.

The Solutions Labs 2010 are to here to help.  This series of one-day events, kicking off on May 21 in New York City (hosted by Bloomberg), will bring together leading thinkers and “doers” from business, academia and a myriad of organizations to explore the next generation of business sustainability – one in which we can grow profits and positive benefits for the planet.

The Solutions Labs are the version 2.0 of last year’s “Green Innovation for Business Unconferences” held in Washington DC, Boston, San Jose and Austin. An even more diverse and interesting mix of partners are coming together to produce this year’s series:  Ashoka, Dig In, Environmental Defense Fund,, Net Impact, the Society for Organizational Learning, and Sony Pictures, among others.

The organizers (this blogger included) have grand aspirations for growing the Solutions Labs into an incubator for big ideas. (Think a TED Conference for innovators in the environmentally-sustainable business space.)  While that vision may take another year to two to come into focus, what we can promise now is a highly interactive and engaging gathering decidedly different from other green business conference.

What can you expect?  PowerPoint presentations?  No.  Lengthy speeches or panels?  No.  Using an “open space” format, each Lab and discussion topic will be slightly different, reflecting the interests of the participants in the room who collectively create the agenda (visit our wiki page where the agendas are created).  All will have ample opportunity for networking, small breakout conversations and ad hoc brainstorming.

So bring your big ideas (and the small ones too) and join us at a Solutions Lab near you:

May 21New York
May 27Washington, D.C.
George Washington University
June 17Minneapolis
Best Buy
July 13Fayetteville, Ark.
University of Arkansas
July 15San Jose
Aug. 5Chicago
IIT Stuart School of Business
Aug. 10Seattle
Seattle University
Sept. 16Boston
Sept. 29Austin

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