EDFix Call #10 Afterthoughts: Developing a Vision for Greener Fleets

EDFix Call #10 – Summary (11 min.)
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EDFix Call #10 – Full (52 min.)
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We hit the road April 12 with a series of open conference calls regarding a pressing matter in greening business – truck fleets and logistics in general. We had a fodder-filled discussion on the issue co-hosted by Jason Mathers, who leads Environmental Defense Fund’s work to promote greenhouse gas management in corporate fleets. We talked through two particular sectors of interest for fleets – light-to-medium-duty vehicles and heavy-duty on-road tractor trailer vehicles.

Already having conducted a considerable amount of work in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from light-to-medium-duty fleets, our current challenge is to maintain the momentum EDF has created in this area while shifting our focus to heavy-duty fleets. On the lighter side of fleet vehicles we have found a number of opportunities to reduce greenhouse gases including right-sizing vehicles, but are faced with the challenge that these options do not work for the heavy-duty vehicles which are responsible for 80 percent of emissions from corporate owned-vehicles.

We talked through the two current efforts in the light-to-medium market.  First, the greenhouse gas management framework made up of seven major fleet management companies who work with the operators of fleets to measure and keep records on the performance of fleets, focusing on greenhouse gas reductions as a goal. We are also monitoring the kinds of vehicles being brought into these fleets and how vehicles are being used.

The good news is, fifty to sixty percent of light-duty fleets are actually measuring what they’re doing. They have seen some 20% reduction in greenhouse gases in some fleets combined with lower life cycle costs.

The next conference calls will bring these conversations into tighter focus, looking for actions we should take today and plans for what we can be do over the next ten years.

The next EDFix call will be held on May 3 at 9 am PT (noon ET). We will then resume holding these calls on the second and fourth Mondays of the month with the May 10 call.

Please join us for this conversation May 3, 2010 at 9am PT (noon ET).  Here’s the dial-in info:

  • Phone number: +1 (213) 289-0500
  • Code: 267-6815

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