Wanted: Water Entrepreneurs

BLOG ACTION DAY 2010 – Everyday, new ideas are helping address our global challenges. We read and hear about innovative alternative energy sources that will help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, path-breaking pharmaceuticals and medical technologies that will save lives, and revolutionary information technology that create unprecedented economic opportunity.

Unfortunately, despite our water problems, we are suffering from a drought of water innovations. How are we going to solve tomorrow’s water challenges with today’s solutions?

Imagine H2O welcomes you to join the water innovation movement, an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, engineers, utilities, government officials and other leaders who are committed to addressing the global water crisis. Our mission is to inspire and empower people to turn water problems into opportunities

Each year, Imagine H2O hosts an annual business plan competition to highlight promising innovations from around the world. Our panel of judges selects winning startups that enter our incubator program; a platform that brings new ideas to market. Last year, over 50 teams from around the world entered our Water Efficiency competition. Together, these ideas are saving millions of gallons of water.

Today, water entrepreneurs with energy-saving concepts are preparing their entries for our 2010 Water-Energy Nexus competition. We selected this topic because water transportation, treatment and usage is a major consumer of energy in communities and regions around the globe. Thus, energy-efficient water solutions are essential to long-term sustainability. We’re eager to present the most promising innovations when we announce our finalists in December and ask that you join us in our call to action.

Our request on Blog Action Day is that the global blogosphere help us crowd source entrants for this groundbreaking competition (entries due Nov 15th). Is your neighbor designing an energy efficient pump in their garage? Is your campus designing an energy-efficient water treatment system? Or perhaps you have an idea of your own that exists on a napkin? We want to hear from you! Send us a message at Prize@ImagineH2O.org

Innovation and entrepreneurship are critical to creating a sustainable water future. We hope that our competition inspires entrepreneurs to develop solutions that represent new economic opportunities. Help us turn on the tap for innovation!

This blog was originally posted on Imagine H20.