Twitter Love: 10 Twitter Accounts We're Falling For

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we want to tell the world how we really feel, and openly declare our love for these Twitter accounts. They make our hearts flutter with great tips and fascinating stories.

  • @nytimesgreen: This handle generally tweets links to the corresponding New York Times Green Blog, which comes out with the top stories on energy and the environment.
  • @GreenBiz: Even though this account only tweets headlines from, the headlines are always very descriptive and topics are relevant. does a great job of covering the full spectrum of issues involving business and sustainability.
  • @BryanrWalsh: Environmental columnist at TIME magazine who is very involved in conversation! Bryan is great about responding to comments and engaging in Twitter discussions with valuable insights.
  • @guardianeco: Even though this handle belongs to the Guardian’s green blog, it doesn’t just regurgitate its article title but adds great commentary and asks the tough questions that we’re all left pondering. It also points to other relevant articles that may not be written by Guardian authors- great quality!
  • @greenwala: This handle has the ability to grab your attention in 140 characters or less- tough to do. Greenwala has the latest news, blogs, tips and videos for those of us who love being green!
  • @NewsOnGreen: If you want to know what’s going on in the world…of green, NewsOnGreen is a great source! NewsOnGreen will give you the 411 on politics, business and world events as it pertains to the environment.
  • @sustainableMBA: These tweets by Melissa Dingmon are funny, relevant and very useful. Melissa encourages and challenges business professionals to think out of the box and overcome the barriers that prevent corporations from becoming more environmental. She links to relevant articles, webinars and job opportunities.
  • @USATodayGreen: Run by Wendy Koch of USATodayGreen, this blog covers environmental stories in politics. If Obama says something about energy, Wendy knows about it!
  • @SustainableSocially: Straight from its Twitter page “Sustainable Socially creates an open dialogue through social platforms, moving people to believe in the importance of sustainability across brands & industries.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.
  • @arielhs: Fast Company’s Ariel Schwartz is a great source on Twitter! She responds to relevant articles in the green business world and interacts heavily with other Tweeters. Valuable opinion and entertaining tweets!

If there is a Twitter account that you’d like to point out, please leave a comment or write us at

Happy Valentine’s Day!