From Green "Innovations" to Green "Innovators"

Over the past two years we’ve worked with people around the country to host a series of events to discuss how to make business more environmentally sustainable. The events began in 2009 with a set of open space "unconferences," which throughout 2010 evolved into "Solutions Labs." This new and improved format preserved participation of all attendees by introducing more structure and direction. These events are hosted by a loose-knit network dubbed GIBN. Here are some updates on its status.

By Any Other Name

Late last year we made a slight adjustment to the meaning of "GIBN," changing the definition from "Green Innovations in Business Network" to "Green Innovators in Business Network" and our focus from "innovations" to the "innovators." The motivating insight was that accelerated adoption of sustainable behavior by businesses will be driven not so much by new ideas themselves, but by you – the "changemakers," as Ashoka would say – who make ideas reality.

The goal of our work with the Green Innovators in Business Network is to help inform, connect and motivate changemakers, the “doers” working in and with business, making it more sustainable. We want more people becoming even more successful in this pursuit, as business is transformed from one of the world’s biggest threats to the environment to an engine for environmental improvement.

2010 Solutions Lab Summary Report Available

The nine events last year engaged over 700 people from 300 organizations around the country in discussion about sustainable business. GIBN partner, Alta Terra  Research Network, has just released a report that summarizes these discussions, synthesizes topics and highlights insights from participants. Report author, Jaclyn Pitera, has prepared a two-page summary of the full Green Innovation in Business Network 2010 Solutions Labs Series: Summary Report. The report is available to Solutions Lab registrants and sponsor organizations for free and to others for purchase at

Growing GIBN Conference Call

As part of our evolving focus from innovations to innovators, we have launched a series of “Growing GIBN” Conference Calls.  The next call is on March 8 at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT).  Call: 760-569-9000, with code: 160031# to participate.

Stay Current on GIBN Activities

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