EDFix Call #15 Afterthoughts: Fuel choices for today's lower-carbon companies

EDFix Call #15 – Summary (10 min.)
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EDFix Call #15 – Full (53 min.)
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With Mike Millikin of Green Car Congress, we talked about the uses of alternative fuels to green truck fleets.

Methane and natural gas are in common use around the world and are making their way into bus and taxi fleets, but they still require taking hydrocarbons from the Earth. One of the main goals of alternative fuel researchers is to create replacement fuels that are biologically derived, yet can still run in unmodified engines. To be a perfect replacement for a current fuel, a new one must be cost competitive, compatible, abundant, scalable and require no miracles.

This is a creative time: approaches are blooming, from plant sugars to biosynthetic yeasts and bacteria. Still ahead: testing and approval by Government agencies, infrastructure rollout and more.