EDF and Dell: BrainStorming for a more sustainable world

How can the Internet drive innovation for sustainable business?

Read other's ideas, make your own suggestions, and vote. Register and participate at Dell Ideastorm.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Dell are teaming up to bring you a series of challenges called IdeaStorm.

As we work towards a sustainable economy, we need to reduce the negative impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) equipment and the Internet, while simultaneously accelerating our ability to use these technologies to solve global issues.

These two challenges lie at the heart of a series of Storm Sessions hosted by Dell and EDF. We are particularly interested in opportunities for business – how can managers and employees use ICT tools – computers, the internet, social media, and more – to improve operations, products, and supply chains.   These Storm Sessions are to generate a global discussion and brainstorming on a set of issues that can both drive down the sustainability costs of ICT while increasing its benefits.

Each Storm Session will last 2 weeks. Everyone is invited to participate follow the conversation, offer your ideas, and comment and vote on others' suggestions.  These ideas will be studied and summarized by Dell and EDF staff and used as input to further discussions and actions by our organizations and, hopefully, by yours as well.

We welcome your ideas and contributions to help the Net better contribute to a sustainable economy.

Stay tuned to the EDF Business blog for more information. In the meantime, you can learn more here.