11/14: Talking "Short-termism," Business and Society with Aspen's Judy Samuelson

A “Future of Green” Open Conference Call

During his speech at the recent BSR Conference, Al Gore said that short-term decision-making in business was “functionally insane,” explaining "It's not only insane where the values that we share are concerned; it's functionally insane where the well-being of that business is concerned… It's the wrong decision for the investors, for the shareholders and for all the stakeholders."

Judy Samuelson, Executive Director of the Business and Society Program at the Aspen Institute, has been tackling just this issue through Aspen’s Corporate Values Strategy Group. Created in 2003, the CVSG is focused on promoting changes in corporate and investment practice such as rebalancing the short-term/long-term focus of business. The 2011 CSVG Summit involved representatives from a wide variety of companies including Alcoa, McKinsey, Duke Energy and BlackRock Inc.

Judy will join us for a Future of Green open conference call to discuss the issues she sees that are constraining business’s contribution to sustainability. We’ll talk about short-termism as well as ask Judy about other projects engaging with business schools and business leaders.

The call is on Monday, November 14, 2011 at 4pm ET (1pm PT).

Join us:

Dial: 712-580-8025 and enter code: 2676815# (it is free and no reservation is necessary).  Bring your questions!