Fast Company: Smart Energy Management Takes More Than Technology

Knocking down a brick wall by yourself with your bare fists is next to impossible. But organize a team equipped with sledgehammers and a plan, and it gets a whole lot easier. In other words, when tackling tough problems, it’s not just about the tools you have, but how you marshal your assets to break through.

That’s the message to CFOs, sustainability czars, and energy managers in a new EDF report, “Breaking Down Barriers to Energy Efficiency.” The report offers effective ways to motivate employees, create accountability for success, identify investment opportunities, ensure funding for financially attractive projects, measure cost savings, and scale performance gains continuously over time. The findings were drawn from the EDF Climate Corps program, where specially trained MBA students work in corporate summer fellowships to develop customized plans for cutting energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether a company is trying to get off the starting blocks, or taking its energy and climate initiatives to the next level, the report outlines proven strategies for getting beyond the low-hanging fruit to the really big savings that energy efficiency can deliver.

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