Corporate Sustainability 2012: Some Standout Companies… But Most Mired in Rampant Incrementalism

Each winter in Davos, world leaders and captains of industry gather to discuss the most pressing issues on the planet. For the past seven years, this amazing event has also hosted the launch of the annual “Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies,” published by the Canadian media and research firm, Corporate Knights.

Sustainability ratings matter! And few matter more than the Global 100, which is recognized as one of the most extensive, data-driven, corporate sustainability assessments in the world. The results are published in the Corporate Knights quarterly magazine and distributed at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

I had the privilege of authoring a piece in the Corporate Knights just – published fall issue. The core questions I was asked was: “What is the state of corporate sustainability right now?”

My answer, though disappointing to me personally, is in our newest issues of Insight titled Corporate Sustainability 2012: Some Standout Companies…But Most Mired in Rampant Incrementalism." Having tracked hundreds of companies globally on their march to sustainability for the past fifteen years, our core conclusion is this: While a handful of standout companies truly lead the way today, most companies are mired in “rampant incrementalism.”

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About the Author

Gib Hedstrom has 25 years of experience in helping boards of directors, CEOs, and senior executives manage risk and reap opportunities associated with the environment and sustainability. After 20 years leading Arthur D. Little’s environmental auditing, strategy, and governance work – and co-leading the company’s sustainability initiative – he founded Hedstrom Associates in 2004.