EDF on the road to share strategies for innovative Sustainable Logistics

Freight transportation’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and carbon fuel consumption is set to rise significantly in the coming decades unless we do something to halt the trend now.

The good news is there’s plenty that can be done, simply and effectively, with minimal capital outlay and rapid results. And a lot of companies are already taking advantage of a wide range of operational strategies that improve environmental performance and cut costs.

Our role at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is to raise the bar for environmental performance in logistics operations in the private sector. One of the ways we do this is by sharing success stories of leading companies that are choosing cost- and carbon-saving transportation strategies.

Last month EDF held a workshop at the GreenBiz Forum in New York titled “Smarter Moves: Practical Supply Chain Strategies.” Jason Mathers was joined by Kristine Young of Ocean Spray and Edgar Blanco of MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics to discuss the case study we released in February.

On April 2, 2013 EDF will be participating in another panel discussion with some of our valued partners. This time we’ll be in Newport, RI at the CONECT (Coalition of New England Companies for Trade) Trade & Transportation Conference.

CONECT is a non-profit, membership-based association for businesses involved in international trade and/or transportation.  CONECT’s 750+ members consist of importers, exporters, customs brokers & freight forwarders, 3PLs, ports, air/ocean/ground cargo transportation providers, banks, law firms, colleges, insurance companies and other related service providers active in international trade. CONECT’s members represent a range of significant stakeholders in the freight industry so this event is a prime opportunity for EDF to share practical advice on how to reduce carbon emissions throughout the entire freight system.

The “Innovative Sustainable Logistics: Operationalizing Carbon Reductions in Your Supply Chain” panel will feature Peter Diehm of nora, Edgar Blanco of MIT, Cynthia Wilkinson of Staples, Ed Poloway of Ocean Spray and Jason Mathers of EDF. The focus of the panel discussion will be on providing practical examples of how Staples and Ocean Spray have improved the carbon-efficiency of their supply chain.

To learn more about what your company can do today to reduce transportation costs and freight emissions, join us at CONECT’s Trade & Transportation Conference. The conference will be in Newport, RI. If you are able to attend, mention that you heard about the event through this blog from EDF and you will receive the discounted member rate for the conference.

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