A Hacker, a Hipster, and a Hustler Walk Into A Bar…

Three of the teams took on a hacking challenge from AT&T and Environmental Defense Fund to build an app to save water. The challenge grew out of an AT&T-EDF project to reduce the water and energy used for cooling AT&T's buildings, with a focus on cooling tower operations. The tools we developed can help other companies and organizations save water and energy too—which is why we wanted to tap the expertise and creativity of coders to look into how our tools might work as an app. We made a double green pitch to coders—saying that this app could result in environmental benefits as well as offering a $5,000 top prize and $2,000 “most creative” prize to the best apps.

After developing their apps, the teams then had 60 seconds to pitch them. How did the teams do? You can see for yourself. Here’s the link to the pitches and pages for the AT&T-EDF challenge apps:

The Hackathon leveraged the talent and creativity of coders to give us a glimpse of how our spreadsheet tools might work in the mobile app environment. You can check out the Beta version of Water MAPP app for yourself on Google play now.

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