Is Online Shopping Better for the Environment?

This holiday season, as you click on "buy", you might wonder about the environmental impact of online shopping. Is it better to have a truck bring my stuff to me?  Or is it better for me to go to the store?

The only simple answer here is that it depends. How close is the nearest store? Would you walk, bike, or drive there? Go solo or with a friend? Are you getting one item or many different things? What is the likelihood that you will return the product? Would the online order be overnighted to you via air mail?holiday shopping

The complexity of the choice is made clear in a new paper from the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics. It explores the carbon footprint in different parts of the shopping process, for different types of consumers. Read more

PitchBook Survey Highlights Growing Importance of ESG

A recent report by PitchBook is telling on several levels when it comes to the changing state of environmental, social and governance (ESG) management in private equity (PE).

Pitchbook report cover

First, the survey highlights the growth in the number of PE firms, limited partners (LPs) and general partners (GPs) who are engaged on ESG issues. A whopping 84 percent of LPs told PitchBook that ESG is at least somewhat important when deciding whether to invest, and 24 percent said a strong ESG program could outweigh slightly lower historical performance. A majority of GP survey takers (60 percent) have an ESG program at their firm, up from 49 percent last year. Another 26 percent either are developing an ESG program or plan to do so in the near future. This year’s survey included 54 GP and 54 LP respondents, up from last year’s 48 GP and 4 LP respondents.

Then, there's the fact that a prominent industry publication like PitchBook is now regularly reporting on ESG. This is a pretty clear signal that ESG management is now a mainstream issue for private equity.

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Survey Highlights Public Trust in Companies Addressing Climate Change

For nearly 25 years, EDF has been working with the country’s leading businesses – McDonalds, FedEx, Walmart, and others – to improve efficiency, reduce pollution, and drive business value.  Together we have proven that environmental strategy is good business strategy.

Now, a new survey spotlights a less-talked-about benefit to environmental, social and governance (ESG) management: greater public trust. An impressive 82 percent of respondents said their trust in a business would increase if the company provided greater visibility and transparency into efforts to cut down on emissions and mitigate climate change, according to new research conducted by Research+Data Insights on behalf of H+K Strategies and EDF.

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