Green Freight Journey Assessment Survey

Step One: Getting started

Companies start by taking the nebulous concept of freight sustainability and making it concrete and material to their company, for example, "we are going to use fuel more efficiently." They create specific metrics to track this objective, such as product moved per gallon of fuel consumed, or emissions per ton-mile.

Have you defined the objectives of your freight sustainability efforts?

Have you created key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress?

Are any or all of the following considered to be in scope for your KPIs?

  • Owned distribution centers and equipment
  • Leased facilities and equipment
  • Private/ dedicated fleet operations
  • Inbound transport, including moves with contract carriers
  • Outbound transport, including moves with contract carriers

Are these KPIs based on observed performance measured quantitatively?

Have you identified and convened an internal group of stakeholders to inform and guide the green freight effort?

Are any or all of the following objectives of your green freight effort?

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Replacing older diesel equipment to reduce air toxic such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides
  • Increasing fuel-efficiency
  • Increasing the use of alternative fuels
  • Other

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