Getting Started on Your Green Freight Journey

Since your company has not completed the process of setting a specific green freight objective or establishing key performance indicators, you are still at the beginning of your Green Freight journey. To create momentum, here are key areas of focus:

  • Define your green freight objective, such as "reducing climate warming emissions from freight shipping"
  • Determine the key metrics you will use to measure progress.

Tools to Guide Your Green Freight Journey

EDF has created the tools below to help guide your green freight journey.

  • The Green Freight Handbook. A practical guide for developing a sustainable freight transportation strategy for business. The comprehensive guide includes a project identification diagnostic, example metrics, emissions formulas, and case examples.
  • Smart Moves white paper. An overview of five essential strategies that have proven to drive down freight-related greenhouse gases and reduce freight costs.
  • Green freight case studies. These detailed cases provide practical examples of strategies that you can deploy.