Becoming a Green Freight Role Model

Congratulations, you have a well-developed green freight program and have declared a public goal, a stage few organizations reach. But there is still room to improve. To establish yourself among your peers as a true role model in green freight, here are key areas of focus:

  • Continue working until you achieve your goal, then celebrate your success
  • Raise the bar on your company’s green freight performance – create a new goal
  • Be a role model by sharing your success with others

Tools to Guide Your Green Freight Journey

EDF has created the tools below to help guide you to the next step of your green freight journey.

  • The Green Freight Handbook. A practical guide for developing a sustainable freight transportation strategy for business. The comprehensive guide includes a project identification diagnostic, example metrics, emissions formulas, and case examples.
  • Smart Moves white paper. An overview of five essential strategies that have proven to drive down freight-related greenhouse gases and reduce freight costs.
  • Green freight case studies. These detailed cases provide practical examples of strategies that you can deploy.