Green Freight Journey Assessment Survey: Step Three

Accelerate Performance

Pilot projects that deliver financial and environmental returns should be scaled up and those that don't should be redesigned or scrapped. The next step in your Green Freight journey is to look for additional opportunities to deploy the learnings from your pilot. Key actions companies take here are to formalize the Green Freight team, scale successful pilots and identify new project opportunities.

When considering new green freight projects, are any or all of the following items "in scope?"

  • The environmental performance of carriers
  • Emissions of air toxics near vulnerable communities, often associated with freight hubs, such as ports.
  • Inbound or outbound load utilization rates
  • Inbound or outbound mode choices
  • Shipper-to-shipper collaborations to increase utilization rates
  • Network design
  • Other

Have you replicated successful pilot green freight project(s) in other locations?

Do you have a detailed plan on how to roll out improvement projects based on your successful pilots?

Is there an executive level sponsor for freight sustainability efforts?

Are employees rewarded for energy-saving through performance evaluations?

Do you have an established process and timeline for securing data and calculating the KPIs?

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