At Environmental Defense Fund, we believe that environmental progress and economic growth can and must go hand in hand. EDF+Business works with leading companies and investors to raise the bar for corporate sustainability leadership by setting aggressive, science-based goals; collaborating for scale across industries and global supply chains; publicly supporting smart environmental safeguards; and, accelerating environmental innovation.

Our ongoing Business of Sustainability blog and podcast series explores trends in sustainability leadership as part of our effort to pave the wave to a thriving economy and a healthy environment. Below, hear how today's corporate leaders are tackling sustainability challenges and raising the bar for leadership.

Each episode of "The Business of Sustainability" podcast brings you insights and opinions from forward-thinking corporate leaders who are helping to build a future where the economy and the environment can thrive.

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The future is sweet — and sustainable — for Allbirds

If you take a quick look around your office, it probably won’t be hard to spot a pair of shoes made by Allbirds, the San Francisco-based footwear company that makes its products using materials like wool and eucalyptus fiber. The two year-year old company aims to make comfortable, sustainably-made shoes – and they seem to be everywhere.

Listen in as EDF+Business vice president Tom Murray chats with Allbirds co-founder Tim Brown to learn more about his approach to design and innovation and to look behind the sustainability curtain at Allbirds.

"We believe sustainability should be a non-negotiable for everyone in business today. We all win when we stop talking about this topic, and that evolution is taking place today,” says Allbirds Tim Brown.

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