EDF works with some of the largest users of the freight system. We work with these shippers to develop a business case for sustainability. Together, we have identified opportunities for companies to cut transportation cost and emissions. We have distilled our learnings into the Five Principles for Greener Freight:

  1. Get the most out of every move. Combine and adapt packaging to maximize cube utilization.  A fuller move is a greener move.
  2. Choose the most carbon-efficient transport mode. Favor ocean over air, rail over truck.
  3. Collaborate. Root out opportunities for savings through discussions with internal departments and with suppliers, customers, vendors–even competitors.
  4. Redesign your logistics network. Continually optimize your network to maximize cost savings and minimize greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Demand cleaner equipment and practices. Urge your logistics service providers to use cleaner trucks and cargo handling equipment, and employ other air pollution-reducing practices at busy transport hubs.