EDF offers many resources to help your company start and/or continue its Green Freight journey:

  • If you are new to green freight projects, EDF’s Green Freight resources will help you learn the basics and give you ideas on how to formulate your company’s first projects.
  • If your company is interested in pursuing green freight projects, but isn’t sure where to start, consider participating in the EDF Climate Corps fellowship program. Fellows are trained by EDF to develop company-specific Green Freight recommendations.
  • Additionally, our staff experts are able to work directly with a few companies each year to help launch or accelerate their Green Freight efforts.

Starting from scratch?

  • Take our Green Freight Journey Assessment Survey to identify where you are on the journey and find the most useful resources.
  • EDF’s Green Freight Handbook is a practical guide to developing sustainable strategies for transporting freight across your company’s supply chain, assisting companies to reduce to greenhouse gas emissions and overall costs linked to freight moves. We also have a recorded webinar available on starting your Green Freight Journey.
  • Read up on other companies’ successful Green Freight projects on the best practices page, and find useful facts and statistics for pitching your own projects.

Looking for more hands-on assistance?

  • Request a Green Freight phone briefing. This is an hour-long briefing that links you with EDF experts to discuss best practices in sustainable logistics. We work with you in advance to ensure the proper focus for the discussion. Potential topics include:
    • Green Freight metrics and environmental impacts
    • Leveraging the Five Principles for Greener Freight
    • Setting a Green Freight goal
    • Benchmarking your Green Freight activities
  • Host a Green Freight workshop. This half-day, in-person discussion will focus on how your company can apply industry best practices to its logistics operations. Starting a month or two prior to the workshop, we will work to understand the status of your current Green Freight efforts and your key objectives. Together, we will craft a workshop program that will help you take the next step in your Green Freight journey.
  • Hire an EDF Climate Corps fellow. Each summer, trained EDF Climate Corps fellows from the nation’s top graduate programs team up with leading organizations to identify and implement high-value energy management strategies. EDF Climate Corps has uncovered nearly $1.8 billion in energy savings opportunities since the program began in 2008. EDF Climate Corps fellows can work on Green Freight projects such as:
    • Identifying opportunities to switch to less carbon-intensive modes like ocean and rail;
    • Designing strategies for creating fuller truckloads; and
    • Increasing energy efficiency in warehouses and distribution centers.
  • Partner to set a Green Freight emissions improvement goal. Our customized Green Freight goal-setting engagement combines phone calls and on-site workshops to help you create a plan of action. Here, EDF acts like a personal guide working alongside you and your supply chain team to set an aggressive emissions improvement goal and chart a path to meet it.
    • For more information in setting up a phone briefing, workshop or hands-on assistance in developing a Green Freight improvement goal for your company, contact Jason Mathers.