EDF is working with industry experts to monitor and reduce methane emissions in the oil & gas sector.

The primary component in natural gas, methane, is a powerful climate pollutant that can greatly intensify the Earth’s rate of warming in our lifetime. The largest single source of U.S. methane emissions is the vast network of infrastructure — including wells, pipelines and storage facilities — that produces, transports and distributes natural gas.

We commissioned industry experts ICF International to study the economics of methane emissions reduction measures and found that the oil and gas sector can reduce emissions by more than 40% at minimal cost.

Methane emissions are a serious problem. But through data-sharing, analysis and discussion with industry leaders and other experts, EDF is finding that market-based solutions are available and affordable.

Read the ICF report on methane emission reduction measures.

EDF is bringing together industry and universities to test state-of-the-art monitoring technologies to identify the most cost-effective solutions.

Learn about EDF’s Methane Detectors Challenge.