Green Returns: How It Works

EDF Green Returns has developed the tools and resources to help private equity firms and portfolio companies track and improve business and environmental performance across the investment life cycle.

Green Portfolio Management

Green Returns features a 5-step plan to improve operating performance in portfolio companies and capture value immediately:

1.  Align resources
2.  Identify opportunities
3.  Establish metrics & baselines
4.  Develop goals & action plans
5.  Act, measure & repeat

The Green Returns handbook helps companies of any size implement the plan and realize business and environmental improvements.

Other Portfolio Management Tools


The EcoValuScreen goes beyond the traditional focus on environmental risk mitigation and identifies opportunities for operational improvement and value creation through enhanced environmental management at potential investments.

How it works: This screen helps guide investment professionals to more effectively evaluate the operations of a target company, identify the most promising environmental management opportunities and incorporate them into the post-investment management, governance and reporting plans.

ESG Management Tool

In response to growing interest in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues among leading private equity firms and their institutional investors, EDF has developed a comprehensive ESG Management Tool for the private equity sector.

The Tool defines the building blocks of a successful ESG management program and provides private equity firms of all sizes a framework to assess, analyze and improve their ESG performance.

The Excel-based Tool produces three outputs that can be used to evaluate a private equity firm’s current ESG management practices and make plans for future improvements. In less than an hour, users can assess current performance across 22 best practices for ESG management.

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