EDF partnered with Walmart to implement a new policy for safer ingredients in household and personal care products.

Walmart has unprecedented leverage to change the way consumer packaged goods are made. But with up to half a million products in every store from more than 100,000 suppliers, product sustainability is a massive undertaking for the world’s largest company.

That’s why EDF works with Walmart to make and sell healthier products.

We’ve collaborated with Walmart to phase out toxic chemicals in household, personal care and beauty products, so everyday items like shampoo, makeup and laundry detergent are safer to use.

It started in 2009, when EDF worked with Walmart to develop a screening tool that revealed the scary reality that 40 percent of­­ liquid products on its shelves contain chemicals of concern. EDF continued to work with Walmart to develop a list of priority chemicals for elimination, and institute a commitment to remove these chemicals from household and personal care products. This work catapulted the issue of toxic chemicals on retail shelves into mainstream conversations.

EDF pushed hard for this policy, which set a new standard for the retail industry and sent a strong signal to suppliers and other retailers that it’s time to get serious about phasing out hazardous chemicals in products. In fact, Target, P&G and Johnson & Johnson have all since made similar commitments.

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