Deep in the heart of Texas, savvy businesses are working to cut water use. Water scarcity is a risk to business success, and investors know it. In water-stressed cities across Texas, leading companies are facing the possibility that the water resources they need to keep growing may not always be available to them. The key to avoiding that risk is adopting smart water management strategies. Estimates show that companies and institutions in the cities of Dallas, Austin and Houston could save up to 2.5 billion gallons of water combined per year if they optimize cooling in their buildings. That’s as much as about 67,000 Americans use at home in a year!

Why we’re focusing on building cooling systems

EDF worked with AT&T to develop a framework and set of tools that can help your organization reduce its water use from cooling and manage its water risk. Joining forces, we’re calling on organizations in Dallas, Austin and Houston, including you, to download the Water Efficiency Toolkit and start using it to assess and reduce water use from cooling your organization’s buildings.

Download the toolkit today — as well as share it with others — and help your organization save both water and related costs today. In addition, scroll down for links to help you tap into incentives for water conservation in your area.

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