Manufacturing Energy Productivity Pilot: Promising Results

 cobasys facility IUE-CWA, a labor union with 45,000 members at over 300 manufacturing plants across the United States, and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) have formed an innovative partnership. The focus of the collaboration is to train IUE-CWA members in identification of energy efficiency opportunities that improve the competitiveness of manufacturing facilities, save companies money, hedge against higher energy prices, and improve environmental performance.

IUE-CWA and EDF conducted a pilot Treasure Hunt at the Cobasys advanced battery manufacturing plant in Springboro, Ohio. Teams composed of members from IUE-CWA (including members from other facilities), EDF, and Cobasys managers searched the plant for energy-saving opportunities, including examining process equipment, lighting, compressed air, and HVAC systems.

Download the Cobasys Case Study [PDF]