New York: New York City Private Fleet Program

Administering Entity

New York State Energy Research and Development (NYSERDA) and New York City Department of Transportation (NY DOT)

Program Goals

Fuel use reduction and emissions reduction of criteria pollutants (NOx, PM, CO, Ozone, SO2 and lead)


Private-sector and non-profit fleets operating within the five boroughs of New York City. Improvements may be achieved through alternative fuels (e.g., natural gas, propane) or electric power, including hybrid technology. Medium and heavy-duty hybrid-electric trucks are eligible to apply; light-duty vehicles are not.

Funds available

Up to 80% of the incremental cost of purchasing new or converted medium- and heavy-duty (GVW >14,000 lbs) natural gas, electric, dual-fuel (80% CNG), or hybrid electric vehicles.

Total Funding Level: TBD

Determining Factors

Priority Given to Projects That:

  • Result in the greatest emissions reduction per program dollar
  • Reduce the greatest amount of petroleum fuel
  • Leverage private and public cost-sharing for infrastructure development and vehicle acquisition
  • Implement cleaner vehicles throughout the fleet, rather than a one-time program
  • Offer unique and innovative partnerships and approaches to meeting priorities

Program Dates

Opening Date: Expected Spring 2011

Application Deadline: TBD


Patrick Bolton
(518) 862-1090

17 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 12203-6399
1-866-NYSERDA (Toll-Free Hotline)