Ocean Spray – Driving Down Emissions & Transport Costs

19030_Harvesting Cranberries_JPGM.I.T. and EDF teamed up to look at a real-life example of how Ocean Spray, a $2.2 billion-dollar agricultural cooperative and household-name fruit juice and food manufacturer, cut carbon emissions from its distribution operations in the US southeast by 20% while driving down the transport costs of supplying that market by 40%. It did this by making simple and inexpensive changes to the company’s logistics practices.

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This case study is part of a series featuring leading companies in a variety of industries that are finding opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and cut transportation costs through improved logistics practices. Environmental Defense Fund sponsored this series to highlight opportunities and to call on companies to improve the carbon-efficiency of logistics networks. The analysis for this series was conducted by researchers with the Center for Transportation and Logistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.