EDF & GE Treasure Hunts: Getting Results

Why it Matters

The U.S. industrial sector accounts for nearly one third of the county’s heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions. But there are huge, highly cost-effective opportunities to dramatically reduce that footprint. For example, the consulting firm McKinsey & Company estimates these businesses could cut energy use by 18 percent and save $442 billion in energy costs by eliminating wasted energy use.

The Treasure Hunts led by IUE-CWA and EDF are designed to help overcome barriers that hinder companies from adopting energy efficiency investments — ranging from limited resources, information gaps and organizational barriers.

By seizing these energy efficiency opportunities, the U.S. manufacturing sector can save money on energy costs and protect itself from future energy price increases. These investments also promote U.S. manufacturing competitiveness that protect and create new jobs here—and improve environmental performance to boot.

Getting Results

IUE-CWA’s members bring an impressive depth of practical, first-hand manufacturing technical expertise and knowledge to the table. The Treasure Hunt provides a great way to tap this resource.

Teams composed of members from IUE-CWA (including members from other facilities) and EDF have uncovered the following energy-saving opportunities so far:

• Workers at the Springboro, Ohio Cobasys advanced battery plant identified savings of $70,000 in annual energy costs and 700 metric tons of carbon emissions. Read Case Study [PDF].

• Works at the Hermitage, Pa. CCL Container plant, which makes aluminum packaging, identified $180,000 in annual savings and 1,300 metric tons of carbon reductions. Read Case Study [PDF].

• Workers at Sheboygan Paper Box Company in Sheboygan, WI identified almost $47,000 in annual savings and nearly 340 metric tons of carbon reductions. Read Case Study [PDF].

• Workers at the CG Power plant in Washington, MO, which makes power distribution transformers, identified over $90,000 in annual savings and over 750 metric tons of carbon reductions. Read Case Study [PDF].

• Workers at the Siemens Motor Manufacturing facility in Norwood, OH identified over $172,000 (16%) in annual savings and over 1,125 (12%) metric tons of carbon reductions that can be implemented for just over $16,000.