Major U.S. companies publicly support the climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act

Does this action support or obstruct progress on climate policy?

September & October 2021

What happened

Seventeen large companies — representing half a trillion dollars in revenue and half a million U.S. employees — sent an open letter to Congressional leadership stating “we support the robust climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act and request their inclusion in the final legislation.” The letter continues, “the climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act support our own investment in low-carbon innovation and will help us grow our business and remain competitive globally while also meeting our climate goals.”

In addition, a growing number of companies including  Cummins, GM, Google, and Microsoft, have issued individual statements in support of the climate provisions in the bipartisan infrastructure bill and budget reconciliation packages. Google’s statement says, “These provisions provide the funding and supportive regulatory climate to promote important investments in clean energy that help the U.S. move toward a cleaner and greener energy system.” And Cummins’ statement notes, “the decarbonization investments in the reconciliation bill are critical to accelerating the adoption of innovations that can reduce emissions across the United States and set us on a path to a more sustainable future.”

A compilation of corporate statements on this topic can be found here.

Our rating

These companies recognize that the climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act are an unprecedented investment in climate action and are essential to meet climate targets at both the enterprise and the national level. With many companies still silent on this once-in-a generation opportunity to pass meaningful climate legislation in the U.S., these companies’ strong and public support of the climate provisions “highly supports” progress on climate policy.

According to our expert…

Climate leadership requires policy leadership, and right now that means advocating for the climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act. The companies that are going on record to support these provisions — and helping get the bill across the finish line — are demonstrating a powerful example for others to follow.”

Victoria Mills, head of EDF’s corporate climate policy program  

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“The most powerful tool that companies have to fight climate change is their political influence.”
– Fred Krupp, President of Environmental Defense Fund