Isabel Mogstad

Senior Manager, Washington, D.C.

Area of Expertise: Oil and gas, methane mitigation, corporate engagement, digital oilfield

Isabel leads EDF's work with the oil and gas industry, technology firms and energy investors to reduce methane emissions across the global oil and gas value chain.  Isabel’s primary areas of expertise include operations excellence, digital oilfield, and methane technology solutions.

Posts by this author

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This report outlines an enhanced approach to measuring and reporting methane emissions, so that accuracy improves and industry confidence grows.

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Brian Pugh, Chief Innovation Officer BPX, answers questions about technology innovation, the role of methane regulations, and creating a data-driven culture.

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New ideas and technologies are enabling innovators to challenge old assumptions and push and uncover new solutions to methane leak detection.

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As the oil and gas industry invests in the digital transformation to improve competitiveness, companies should seize the opportunity to integrate methane emissions management into their broader digital agendas, as a key way to maximize value and stay competitive in the low carbon energy transition.

Joint venture methane risk is also a climate opportunity

Oil and gas companies face growing scrutiny from the public and investors and are stepping up, pledging to reduce emissions of methane from their operations.

The next frontier: managing methane risk from non-operated assets

Methane from ‘non-operated assets’ is key challenge, opportunity for industry.