Maren Taylor

Project Manager, Corporate Climate Leadership, Washington, D.C.

Area of Expertise: Climate and energy policy, business and the environment, corporate climate leadership.

Maren is a Project Manager supporting EDF’s work to raise the bar for corporate climate leadership. She works with companies, investors, ratings/rankings agencies, employees, and other stakeholders to ensure that consistent climate policy advocacy is an essential part of corporate leadership on climate change.

Posts by this author

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The provisions in the IRA include grants and tax credits that will bring down emissions and set investment certainty for a clean energy economy.

Three upsides of the SEC’s proposed climate disclosure standards for companies

The SEC recently issued a proposal that, if finalized, would require publicly traded companies to disclose fincial risk from climate change.

Three vital business interests at stake in the upcoming Supreme Court climate case

An upcoming Supreme Court case has major implications for businesses including regulatory certainty, climate commitments and climate risk.

The Chamber of Commerce’s latest amicus brief obstructs climate progress

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's recent position is bad for business, our health, and the planet.