Rick Velleu

Director, Content & Marketing, New York, NY

Area of Expertise: Marketing, communications, strategic storytelling

Rick works with organizations to engage target audiences on the business case for environmental action. He has a +30 year history of writing, graphic desigh, film and video production and website creation. He is an enthusiastic advocate for the power of storytelling to engage and inspire audiences on the importance of driving both a thriving economy and a thriving planet.

Posts by this author

Tackling flaring: Learnings from leading Permian operators

Practical solutions to reduce flaring, informed by in-depth interviews with Permian oil & gas producers leading on flaring management.

EU methane policy recommendations

A set of methane policy recommendations agreed upon by EDF and 7 European oil & gas majors.

Business and the Fourth Wave of environmentalism

Executives may not know it, but they are well poised to deliver on the growing demand from consumers, employees and investors for climate solutions.

Digital methane management: an industry perspective

A new survey from EDF+Business in collaboration with Accenture Strategy

Making the invisible visible

Advice for cities, counties and other organizations interested in using hyperlocal air quality data to drive tailored solutions for air pollution.