Private Equity Methane Solutions Summit

Tools and resources to oversee methane management and reduce risk in oil and gas operations.

Understanding the methane challenge

Unmanaged methane emissions pose material risks to the role and reputation of the oil and gas industry. If natural gas is to play a role in a future energy mix, methane emissions along the supply chain must be appropriately addressed or they risk cancelling out, or even reversing, any climate benefit of decarbonizing the energy sector.

Conversely, strong methane management can be a leading indicator of the quality of management teams and of operational excellence, driving long-term value in the energy transition.

Given increasing scrutiny from investors, environmental groups and policy makers, private equity and their operators must seek to better understand the risks and opportunities associated with the dual challenge of meeting global energy needs while mitigating the risks of climate change.

A rich array of tools

Private equity teams may often sponsor multiple management teams covering diverse upstream oil and gas operations, with limited access to ESG resources. The tools and guidance below are intended to both help develop methane management in portfolio companies, as well as to evaluate methane risk in due diligence on prospective investments. These include:

  • Frameworks to assess and benchmark methane risk
  • Actionable guidance on methane solutions and technologies
  • Best practices for building a robust methane management program beyond regulatory requirements

Private equity tools & resources



Reports and blogs

Methane risk assessment tools

Public methane data resources

  • PermianMAP Dashboard Transparent and accessible database of emissions in the Permian basin study area using tower-based monitors, frequent aircraft surveys and ground-based measurements
  • MethaneSAT Scheduled to launch in 2022, MethaneSAT will offer dedicated satellite coverage of global oil and gas operations down to 400x100m, with data to be made publicly available in near real-time