Pillars of leadership for safer products and foods

A blueprint for safer products and food

Tens of thousands of chemicals are used to make consumer products, with more entering the marketplace each year. Too often harmful substances like lead, toluene, and phthalates persist in the market , and environment , for years before action is taken.

We need a new marketplace paradigm. We need all companies along the consumer product supply chain to be leaders in fostering the healthy, sustainable world we all deserve.

EDF designed the Five Pillars of Leadership as a resource to help companies reduce risk, advance safer products and build consumer trust. The pillars are informed by the best scientific research available and years of experience working with companies to scale best practices.

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EDF’s Five Pillars and how to become a safer chemicals leader.

Safer chemistry for personal care products

We also often get asked how a retailer can put these pillars of leadership into action effectively. Here are some models you can follow:

Model safer chemicals policy for retailers of formulated products

Model safer food additives policy for retailers/grocers