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Methane Rising: Three questions investors in the food sector should ask their portfolio companies

Published: April 25, 2024 by Andrew Howell

Agricultural methane emissions trace a complex path through the food and dairy industries. Investors can gain insight by asking simple questions.

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Dairy cows in a field

Climate Policy News You Can Use — April 2024

Published: April 24, 2024 by Daniel Neff

Global market share for EVs jumped from 3% to 18% in 4 years; costs of solar and wind have dropped dramatically; venture funding has topped $50B.

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Does Oil & Gas Merger Boom Cast Doubt on Global Clean Energy Transition?

Published: April 19, 2024 by Andrew Baxter

Governments and regulators should recognize oil and gas mergers as an inflexion point to ensure environmental harm is minimized and emissions reduced.

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Unveiling Environmental Heroes: Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps 2024 Program

Published: April 16, 2024 by EDF Staff

EDF's 2024 Climate Corps fellowship program empowers a new cohort of 185+ global fellows to advance climate solutions at over 130 organizations.

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EDF Climate Corps 2024

Strategic Roadmaps for SBTi Forest, Land, & Agriculture Targets

Actionable guidance to more strategically advance ambitious climate targets aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative’s (SBTi) guidance.

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Climate Action Explained: A Must-Have Guide to Reducing Food Emissions

Published: April 8, 2024 by Katie Anderson

Pathways for six key commodities aligned with SBTi FLAG guidance for food companies to more strategically work toward climate targets.

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The road to zero: How strategic value chain partnerships can create transportation electrification opportunities

Published: March 27, 2024 by Maaz Haider

PepsiCo NA and Schneider National offer a blueprint for other shippers and transportation partners to reduce Scope 3 transportation emissions.

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Climate Policy News You Can Use — March 2024

Published: March 21, 2024 by Daniel Neff

MethaneSAT will add new capabilities to the existing set of methane-detecting satellites and usher in a new era of transparency and accountability.

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