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BP, Shell and investment giants call for Texas zero flaring regulations. Will others follow?

Published: September 11, 2020 by Ben Ratner

Investor and business leaders are using their voices to call for an end to flaring — exhibit A of a material ESG issue in the energy sector.

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Safer personal care products: leadership requires equity

How companies can ensure that everyone - regardless of race or means - has equal access to safe products.

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Climate, capital and COVID: What’s an energy executive to do?

Published: August 18, 2020 by Ben Ratner

We’re hearing more oil and gas companies pledging to reinvent themselves for a new, low carbon energy era. Here’s what success will look like.

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Sephora sets the standard for bringing clean, safer products to the marketplace

Published: August 18, 2020 by Alissa Sasso

Through ambitious goals, public accountability and authentic action, Sephora is rising as a leader in advancing safer product innovation.

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Walmart and J.B. Hunt give glimpse of trucking’s future

Published: August 17, 2020 by Jason Mathers

Zero-emission drayage is the future. Companies that embrace it can accelerate its arrival and strengthen their own standing.

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Lyft and Ford are leading on climate action. What are YOUR favorite brands doing?

Published: August 17, 2020 by Khyati Rathore

Your voice counts! Ask your favorite brands for leadership to help avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

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The low-carbon energy transition: a new chapter

As more companies take on climate commitments and embark on an energy transition, EDF adds two, strategic team members.

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Shoppers: how to find sustainable products online

Shopping online for sustainable products is nearly impossible. This guide can help--and signing the petition can help amplify shoppers' voices.

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