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Climate Corps training sets up the next generation of climate professionals for success now and in the future

Published: December 7, 2023 by schowdhary

Climate Corps fellowship program pairs graduate students with custom-matched host organizations looking to advance sustainability efforts.

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Leading oil and gas companies and investors have rallied around EPA’s new methane rules. Their ongoing support will be crucial for implementation.

Published: December 7, 2023 by Sean Hackett

The EPA’s new rules to reduce methane emissions from the nation’s oil and gas industry could be a climate game changer.

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methane rules

Targets to Traction: Accelerating Corporate Climate Ambition into Real Action

Published: November 29, 2023 by Ellen Shenette

With COP28 looming, companies must proactively address emissions and report real progress on corporate climate goals.

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National Oil Companies’ Oversized and Overlooked Methane Emissions, How Finance and Industry Must Help Now

Published: November 28, 2023 by Andrew Baxter

NOCs have some of the lowest development and production costs, and will likely be the ones the last barrel from the ground.

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Methane gas flare

New Updates to Understanding Packaging Scorecard Spur a Safer & More Sustainable Foodservice Industry

Published: November 28, 2023 by Cassie Huang

The UP Scorecard is a science-based online sustainability tool designed to assist foodservice companies in choosing foodware and food packaging.

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First course of vegan vegetarian food from takeaway food for sale

Missing Methane: The decarbonization risks and opportunities of financed methane emissions

Financed emissions reporting by the six biggest US banks doesn’t show if they’re improving. Focusing on methane can yield results.

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offshore oil rig

Activating National Oil Companies for Climate Progress: Financial Strategies to Cut Methane Pollution

Published: November 20, 2023 by Andrew Baxter

Cutting methane emissions from the oil and gas sector, especially NOCs, is the most cost-effective way to slow the rate of global warming today.

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Climate Policy News You Can Use — November 2023

Published: November 16, 2023 by Victoria Mills

The Fifth National Climate Assessment was released this week. Climate-related extreme weather events are costing the U.S. economy $150 billion.

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