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Opportunities for Climate Corps applicants, fellows and alumni to get involved and make an impact with EDF

Stay informed about the issues you care most about

Degrees Podcast – Do you want to use your job to make an impact on the planet? Degrees is you podcast: part club, part roadmap, part therapy, host Yesh Pavlik Slenk interviews fascinating guests who can help you navigate having a purpose-driven career.



EDF+Business Insights – Sign up for the latest blogs from EDF’s experts on issues ranging from corporate climate action, the energy transition, food & forests, safer products and sustainable supply chains.

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Gain new skills and secure new opportunities

EDF Jobs Board – Explore the latest job openings, internships and fellowships available at EDF.



Workshops – On a periodic basis our Climate Corps team offers to workshops on both Climate Advocacy and entrepreneurial startups. Use the form below to specify which you’d be interested in attending.

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Take action on important environmental campaigns

EDF Alerts – Stay in-the-know about EDF’s work, and how you can speak out when it matters most. Sign up for news, updates and action alerts.


Defend Our Future – Join young climate champions around the country to help the movement to defend our future from climate change. Sign up for news, updates, events and resources.


Moms Clean Air Force – Become part of a growing and powerful team of mothers, fathers and concerned Americans who will fight for our children’s right to breathe clean air. Sign up to take action.