Oil, Gas & Methane

A net-zero oil and gas emissions future

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, responsible for more than one quarter of the warming we’re experiencing today. These emissions are a risk to the oil and gas industry’s social license to operate and a risk to the multi-trillion dollar energy investment industry.

The largest industrial source of methane emissions is the vast network of infrastructure that produces, transports and distributes natural gas. By both design and by accident, that infrastructure emits methane, a sellable product.

But methane emissions are a problem we can solve globally with technologies available today and the breakthrough innovations that are fast emerging.

Targets, Risk & Disclosure

The oil and gas industry and its stakeholders increasingly recognize methane ...

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Technology & Innovation

The International Energy Agency estimates that 75% of global oil and gas ...

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Policy & regulation

Virtually eliminating methane emissions from the oil and gas industry ...

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Global Corporate Engagement

EDF+Business engages with oil and gas companies across the spectrum – from ...

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