Technology & Innovation

The International Energy Agency estimates that 75% of global oil and gas methane emissions can be eliminated with technologies commercially available today. Furthermore, two-thirds of these emissions (45% of total methane emissions) could be avoided with today’s technology at no net-cost. Innovation in detection and mitigation solutions can help accelerate reductions cost-effectively and on a global scale. EDF works with small businesses, multinational technology firms, oil and gas companies, and academic and research institutions to identify, test and scale next generation methane solutions that keep emissions in the pipe and out of the atmosphere.

Methane Detection

Methane Detection in the Oil & Gas Industry

Advances in digital methane monitoring enable faster, more precise emissions detection, allowing companies to target the biggest problems first.

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Methane Mitigation

Methane Mitigation in the Oil & Gas Industry

Finding and fixing methane leaks creates new jobs and business opportunities.

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