Sustainable Food & Agriculture

Safer food, sustainably grown

Agricultural food production is on track to become the world’s largest contributor to climate change. That’s because feeding a growing population takes a toll on the earth, including out-sized impacts on our soil, water and climate. At the same time, the chemicals being added to our food–intentionally or unconsciously, through packaging–is a growing health concern of consumers.

It’s critical that companies develop and deploy a strategy for reaching corporate sustainability targets, mitigating risk around food additives, and producing safe, sustainable food at every node of the supply chain. Innovative solutions are coming online regularly, and EDF has an array of tools and resources that can help point you in the right direction.

Corn, Soy & Other Row Crops

Row crops, like corn, wheat and soy, can be turned into a variety of inputs: ...

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Animal Agriculture

Nearly 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions comes from agriculture and ...

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Safer Food

Consumers are increasingly concerned about what is in their food and are ...

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Food & agriculture: sustainable supply chains

The Supply Chain Solutions Center is a digital hub for sustainability ...

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Farm Financial Solutions

Climate-smart agriculture practices generate financial value for farmers and ...

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