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Climate-smart agriculture practices generate financial value for farmers and farmers’ business partners — lenders, insurers and landowners. Improved soil health and climate adaptation can lead to lower costs and risks, increased yield resilience and diversified income streams. As profit margins become tighter and climate impacts makes productivity more difficult, the need for resilient agriculture and the benefits it provides is growing.

Innovative financial products, and supportive federal and state policies, can help more farmers adopt climate-smart practices, strengthening agricultural and rural economies now and into the future.

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Breakthrough agricultural loan rewards farmers for environmental stewardship

Farmers who meet climate and water quality benchmarks will have lower interest rates, enabling broader adoption of sustainable agriculture.

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Banking on Soil Health: Farmer Interest in Transition Loan Products

A new report analyzes interviews with 100 Iowa farmers to better understand their interest in transitioning to soil health practices like cover crops.

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