Financial Solutions for Agricultural Resilience

How farmers and their financial partners can realize the full value of conservation investments

EDF works with farmers, companies and policymakers to build agricultural resilience by identifying and promoting financial incentives for conservation practice adoption.

Our farm finance analyses show how farmers — from corn and soy farmers in the Midwest to dairy farmers in the Northeast — realize returns on their investments in conservation.

We’ve found that the value of reduced costs and risk, increased yield resilience and diversified income streams extends far beyond the farm field — benefitting farmers and their financial partners, including agricultural lenders, insurers and landowners.

Our goal is to build private and public financial solutions to help farmers adopt resilient farming practices across the agricultural landscape, strengthening rural economies and communities.

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Learn how three farmers realized positive financial returns and created value for their business partners by adopting cover crops, no-till and precision agriculture practices.

Climate-resilient farming practices can help small farms in North Carolina profit in a changing climate, according to research by N.C. A&T Cooperative Extension and Environmental Defense Fund.

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Explore the latest resources on the financial value of agricultural conservation. Resources include EDF reports, blogs, case studies and more.

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