Methane Detection in the Oil & Gas Industry

Technology and innovation supercharge emissions reductions

Since we commenced our methane innovation work in 2014, there has been a proliferation of innovative methane detection technologies, including but not limited to: methane sensors mounted on trucks, planes and drones; fixed continuous methane monitors; methane detection and quantification satellites; and more. With these new approaches, solution providers are challenging old assumptions and pushing the frontiers of innovation.

Our Global Methane Solutions practice focuses on technology innovation that can herald better, faster, cheaper methane detection. We’re not looking for a single, silver-bullet technology but a toolkit of solutions that can support methane detection across multiple spatial, temporal and cost scales.

We’ve learned – through projects such as the Methane Detectors Challenge, Mobile Monitoring Challenge, and our collaboration with Accenture Strategy on digital methane – that the ecosystem of innovation is ever-expanding and evolving. Therefore, we work with collaborators in industry, technology, academia and research to identify, test and scale the most promising solutions globally.