Actionable Insights for a Decarbonizing World

Welcome to EDF's insights platform that empowers investor action to accelerate climate and sustainability solutions.

Building a thriving net zero future for people and the planet is the defining challenge of our time. We leverage EDF’s world-leading expertise in climate science, data, economics, and public policy to inform rigorous assessment and constructive engagement with companies in carbon-intensive industries. We equip the financial community with the independent analysis and tools needed to manage climate risk, assess opportunities, and accelerate urgent action in the sectors that matter most.

Sector Coverage

Oil & Gas

From flaring and methane management to new hydrogen pathways, how companies are taking on the energy transition



Fleet management, shipping & logistics, charging infrastructure and more on the road to zero-emission transport


Financial Services

The shifting landscape as rising demand for ESG and climate-aligned investing reshapes financial flows


Decarbonization Pathways


Food & Agriculture


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Our Team

Andrew Baxter

Andrew is the director of energy transition, leading collaboration with investors on methane emission technology, best management practices and disclosure. He manages collaborative projects with leading companies, innovators, and civil society groups. An engineer by training, Andrew has managed teams in the oil and gas sector in Europe and the Middle East. He graduated from Harvard Business School.

Lea Borkenhagen

Dr. Borkenhagen is the senior vice president of EDF+Business, directing EDF’s strategy to catalyze private sector action that accelerates the transition to net zero emissions, creates safer products, and feeds the world without warming the planet. Lea’s leadership experience spans food, fashion, retail, tech, and the non-profit sector, and includes roles at the Earthshot Prize, Nike, and Oxfam. She holds a doctorate in Environmental Science, Policy and Management and was a Fulbright Scholar in Côte d’Ivoire.

Suzanne Brady

Suzanne engages national oil companies and investors, steering efforts to reduce methane emissions and support decarbonization in the oil and gas sector. Prior to this role, she worked as a partnerships manager at Ashoka, fostering social entrepreneurship to drive systems change within companies. Suzanne speaks English and French.

Sean Hackett

Sean manages advocacy activities with critical companies and investors to secure adoption and implementation of state and federal policies to drive down emissions from the oil and gas sector. Prior to EDF, Sean worked on air quality, energy and transportation issues with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. He graduated from Gonzaga University School of Law.

Nicki Harrison

Nicki directs the Sustainable Finance Europe team, where she works with the finance sector to help accelerate the net zero transition. Nicki works on a range of sectors including energy transition, shipping and agriculture. Previously she spent 15 years at the Bank of England leading prudential supervision teams supervising many of the major UK banks. She was also responsible for embedding the Bank of England’s work on climate change within the UK banking sector.

Jake Hiller

Jake leads strategic planning, operations, and partnership exploration for the team. A veteran of EDF+Business since 2010, Jake holds a Certificate in Financing and Deploying Clean Energy from Yale School of Management.

Andrew Howell

Andrew directs EDF’s investor research, engaging with the finance community to accelerate the energy transition. He oversees the team's research and insights platform and engages with financial sector players including asset managers, asset owners, and banks. Andrew was previously an Institutional Investor-ranked strategist and research analyst with Citi. He is a graduate of INSEAD and is a CFA charterholder.

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie leads EDF's legal and regulatory efforts to reduce climate-destabilizing emissions and reveal the consequences of climate change across the U.S. economy, with a focus on regulation in the financial and energy sectors. Stephanie graduated from New York University School of Law.

Clare Staib-Kaufman

Clare generates data-driven research to support our analysis, identifying complex datasets and translating them into engaging analysis and visuals to promote EDF’s work on the energy transition.

Bridget Killian

Bridget is a Program Coordinator for EDF+Business, providing operational support to the Sustainable Finance team. Prior to joining EDF, she worked in event planning and administrative roles.

Carolyn Kousky

Carolyn Kousky is the Associate Vice President for Economics and Policy at EDF. She has published widely on the economics and policy of climate risk and disaster finance and worked with communities on inclusive models for insurance and disaster recovery. Carolyn is a member of the Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance for the U.S. Department of Treasury, a member of the High-Level Advisory Board on the Financial Management of Catastrophic Risks at the OECD, vice-chair of the California Climate Insurance Working Group, and a member of the Roundtable on Risk and Resilience of Extreme Events at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. She holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy from Harvard University.

Leslie Labruto

Leslie is Managing Director of Sustainable Finance, leading EDF’s strategy to mobilize the financial sector in support of a green and equitable global economy. Leslie has experience in clean energy, decarbonization, and international stewardship, including as the Founding Director of 100x Impact Accelerator at the London School of Economics, as well as Head of Investment Strategy and Global Head of Energy at Acumen Fund, and Global Director of Clean Energy with the Clinton Climate Initiative. She serves on the boards of multiple social enterprises.

Kristin Lorenzo

Kristin leads EDF's engagement with investors, including asset managers, banks, private equity, and asset owners, to inform their decarbonization strategies and near-term action. She has worked in relationship and product management with asset management firms, and most recently was Head of Investor Relations for a Chilean-based real estate company. Kristin is a CFA charterholder.

Jenny Mandel

Jenny manages the team's research, guiding the development of publications that translate EDF scientific and policy knowledge into actionable insights for investors. She was previously a reporter with E&E News covering oil and gas, energy infrastructure, biofuels, emerging technologies, and state and federal energy policy.

Sudhanshu Mathur

Sud develops research, analysis, and thought leadership to support decarbonization in the oil and gas sector. He supports a range of projects, with a particular focus on methane, and works with investors and corporate partners.

Guillaume Morauw

Guillaume looks at how European financial institutions can accelerate energy transition in the real economy, with a particular focus on the shipping and hydrogen industries. He has previous experience working on the EU Sustainable Finance framework for the insurance industry.

Ismael Hernández Rivera

Ismael supports Europe's transition of financial flows away from projects with a negative impact on climate and nature/biodiversity, and toward projects that will reduce GHG emissions, protect nature and biodiversity and support climate adaptation. Prior to EDF, Ismael worked in strategic and commercial finance in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. Ismael speaks English, Spanish and French.

Maximilian Schreck

Maximilian conducts research and analysis to improve financial sector net-zero transition plans. He works with a variety of stakeholders to develop tools that manage climate risks and opportunities, and tracks the evolving landscape of voluntary and regulatory ESG frameworks.

Leanna Tang

Leanna conducts research and analysis on carbon markets and carbon credits, interfacing with industry experts to develop actionable insights for engaging the finance sector on natural climate solutions.

Joshua Torres

Joshua Torres engages with asset owners and managers in futureproofing their portfolios from climate and biodiversity risks. His portfolio includes food & agriculture, voluntary carbon markets, industrials, and land transportation. He has a background in finance, tech, and consulting. Josh holds a Master of Science from the Columbia Climate School.

Dominic Watson

Dominic manages corporate and investor engagements on oil and gas energy transition issues to help companies and investors reach ambitious emissions targets, engage meaningfully on public policy, and transparently disclose their performance. Prior to joining EDF, Dominic researched environmental commodity markets for S&P Global Platts.