An Investor’s Guide to the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership

A clear and credible standard to understand and track oil and gas methane emissions

For net-zero committed financiers, reducing methane emissions from oil and gas operations represents the single fastest, most cost-effective way to slow the rate of warming now. Yet current industry disclosure practices have been found to underestimate emissions by 60% or more, offering limited insights into company performance.

A new investor resource from the Environmental Defense Fund and the United Nations Environment Programme offers guidance on the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP) – a first-of-its-kind reporting framework designed to improve the clarity and credibility of oil and gas industry methane emissions data.

With over 70 member companies, the framework encompasses more than 30% of global oil and gas production and is the gold standard for oil and gas methane emission reporting. To learn more on how the OGMP can provide better methane data to support company-investor engagements and sound ESG investment decisions:

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