On August 1, 1990, Environmental Defense Fund became the first environmental group to work with a company to reduce its environmental impact.

Founded in 1967, EDF drives environmental breakthroughs in climate and energy, ecosystems, oceans and health through a unique approach that draws heavily on science, economics and bipartisan outreach. The other element that makes EDF unique is its ability to form unlikely partnerships around common goals. When looking specifically at EDF+Business, the common goal is finding the opportunities where both business and the planet can thrive.

Starting with the first groundbreaking partnership between an NGO and an industry leader – McDonald’s – EDF has been modeling the way for 25 years, driving transformative environmental gains that also help our economy thrive.

As the leader in driving market-based solutions to environmental challenges, we continue to work with the world’s most innovative companies to mobilize business leaders  and transform industries. Now more than ever, we need leading businesses to:

  • Defend strong environmental protections and actions on climate change;
  • Advance environmental solutions in their operations and across their supply chains;
  • Engage with EDF and others to connect the dots between prosperity and the clean energy economy; and
  • Collaborate on efforts to expand global leadership on climate